Monday, March 2, 2009

Endoscopy training course


Lower GI Course is every month 26th and 27th of the month 


Certificate of Training will be awarded by Government Recognised University

Course Programme Description

The main objectives of this programme are to update the scientific background and to promote the skills of the accepted candidates.

These are achieved by successive sessions of lectures and hands-on training under expert supervision.


During the programme, trainees will be evaluated from staffs of the TGO University concerning working ability and attitude and MCQ test. At the end of the programme, they will receive a certificate of attending.

Course description

Basic Lower GI Endoscopy Course (2 days)


  1. To understand the basic knowledge of Lower GI endoscopy
  2. To be able to explain to patients and their families regarding the Lower endoscopy process and acquire informed consent properly
  3. To be able to handle endoscope properly, including reprocessing and maintenance of the endoscope
  4. To have the basic skills for diagnostic Coloniscopy
  5. To know the indications, contraindication, complications and how to handle the complications
  6. To have enough skill for further training in advance Lower GI endoscopy
  7. Lecture Topic
  8. Orientation to endoscopic instrument and accessories
  9. Endoscopic cleaning and disinfection
  10. Basic Lower GI endoscopic technique
  11. Preparation and premedication methods of patients
  12. Indications, contraindications and complications of Lower GI endoscopy
  13. Tissue Biopsy and handling
  14. Interpretation of Lower GI endoscopic findings
  15. Technique for endoscopic hemostasis
  16. Overcoming Lower GI endoscopic difficulties

The trainees will have an opportunity to practice the following procedure:

  1. Colonoscopy
  2. Sigmoidoscopy
  3. Other procedures such as coaptation therapy, hemo-clipping, endoscopic dilation, polypectomy, foreign body removal depend upon individual skill.


900 USD for Overseas candidate and 25000 Rupees for Indians. Lunch is catered for the host.

Information and registration

Interested Doctors can get themselves registered by sending email directly to 
Laparoscopy Hospital( 
There is initial registration charge of 4000 rupees. 
Rest of the fee will be payable at the time of joining the course. 
This initial Registration chage will be deducted from the total fee.

8/10 Tilak Nagar, New Delhi, 110 018. India. Phones: +91(0)9811416838, (919899608251)

For Admission in this course Email to:


vishnuprasath said...

The main advantage of endoscopy is that it can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) purposes. Hence endoscopy has become a mandatory investigation in Gastroenterology.

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Amar said...

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Now a days peoples are not concerning about gastro care, your article giving possibilities to access the higher end technologies.

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